best way to study and memorize

best way to study and memorize

In this content, we will know how to study in a proper way, many of us study, with great effort, but the result of studying a lot, make disappoint us, I also  a student, therefore this topic immediately come across remember, so decided, must write an article over it,  through which you may come to know about how do I study, and what actually fault I do, while studying,

best way to study and memorize

So far have known that studying a lot, can not let you get succeed, until/unless applying the proper ways of studying,

basically has been said that a student must have the habitual of that is to say KAG CHESTA, BAKO DHYANAM, ALPA HARI NIDRA,

Basically(KAG CHESTA, BAKO DHYANAM, ALPA HARI NIDRA, ) this is the rule a student should follow anyway, but very few of us might able to do, Crow demeanor represent that, A crow never feels defeated until /unless get succeded,

a crow has that potential which is very appreciable, you may notice how a crow make gesticulation, he can’t leave doing till the final consequence, we student should also bring this gesticulation in studying life,

Concentration like the heron – The heron has a powerful concentration, actually that Heron has not got this power initially but it is the habit that he has made, while he enters inside the water, start looking for little fish, you know how fish are clever, howver them’s wisdom proved nothing before the concentration of a Heron,

On the same way, a student needs to concentrate on whatever is to study, for instance, many of us might start using a phone or computer while studying, just as to take a break for some minutes, and spend more time than already expected,

actually doing this sublime whatever you had studied before, thus you happen to forget whatever you studied, avoid doing so, my strong recommendation for you is to repeat that things you studied,

after studying anything, repeat that studied things without the help of that certain books, you may happen to forget some of the things you studied and some of the things remember, keep doing this process for the twice and thrice,

and stop reading that certain topic, you need to read that certain topic once again but after one day or two days, but remember before you touch that same book to read, make sure to try to recall everything if possible you can do,

After you recall everything, as much as was possible to recall, then try to read that same topic or certain books, this time you are going to read a final time,

Proper times and ways of doing study

If seeing that, the study can be started at any time, you want, my grandmother says me to study during morning time, yeah it is really a very appreciatable time to start reading, but according to my expectation, you can start studying at any time, but make your internal soul indicates you to study,

many of student continues studying with the fear of something, but internal soul’s indication is not realized, you may study but can’t do well, study happens with desire, not forcefully, so start studying when you have the mind to study, and when your mind says to study,

do not look for any good time or bad time, I mean, it has been very late night this is the time of sleeping why should I study, ignore such kind of thinking, you may do well at that time if you start studying at that very moment,

Now my last suggestion is when you finish your studying, keep memorize those things which you studied, doing this can make you ease to complete those certain things in very less time, by the next time you start studying,

when you go to sleep, do try to remember whimsically, so friends I hope you may like my ideas, about the best way to study and memorize

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free wifi connection and connect without password


wifi,wifi connection,

Hello, friends, if you look for free wifi connection; I am here with the best result to give you can enjoy free wifi hotspot ;

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free wifi connection and every information regarding why insecure connectivity is risky or how you can safe from that; insecure wifi risk; in this content, you will get to know

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how to connect free wifi ,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

how to use ethernet wifi connection,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

why unsecured wifi connection is risky,

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free wifi connection,free wifi hotspot,
free wifi connection
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free Wifi connection

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wifi connection is very easy, to connect with any device,

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including a mobile device, or computer as well,

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To connect WiFi from your mobile device,

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need to open the dashboard of your device, or open device settings,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

click on WiFi ,you see this option there, and turn on, you can scan to connect WiFi;

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this will take some second to connect your WIFI

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in order to connect with any hotspot network, required to know the password to successfully connected,

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if the password is not known, cannot  able to connect that certain hotspot network if that secured, only unsecured hotspot connectivity can be connected,

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How to connect WiFi networks with a secure hotspot network ;without knowing the password

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To connect WiFi networks with secure hotspot seems to be a little bit difficult; but it’s not so much. you may still successfully connect your mobile device wifi with that secured hotspot network; to do this, requirements is to download two apps in your android device,E

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Es file explorer file manager, from here-download

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

WiFi wps testor – from here download now

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

Download these both apps one by one, first, do open Es file explorer, come back and go to your mobile setting,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

open about phone, click on status, you may find some of the options such as battery status, battery level,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

so directly go on serial number and do copy serial number of your device, and go back to es file manager once again, and within the file manager click on line and open (+file )and paste that serial code,

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Open settings >about phone >serial number>es file explorer file manager>click on : . >+File >paste serial number code,

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Now turn to open WiFi wps tester open setting and click on enable auto scan, come back to list of WiFi networks available, within this app, chose any one of them; which you want to connect, and scan that, it may take some more minutes to successfully connect,

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NOTE- this above trick is only for the purpose of study not to unsual work ,

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How to use ethernet free wifi connection to your computer devices

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To use internet through ethernet, required a data cable, connect that data cable to your laptop with a mobile device,

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now go to mobile setting in your device, click. On more and open tethering and portable hotspot, and do enable USB tethering, that’s all,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

click here if you want to get freecharge best

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Connect data cable laptop with mobile >mobile setting >more setting>tethering and portable hotspot > enable,

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Why free insecure wifi connection is risky

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we will know why really free wifi insecure connection is not good, we should really avoid it to do,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

Most of us are very fond of using free WiFi facility, various places such as railway stations,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

airports, bus  stands, and so on these places, likely provides free WiFi facility is available,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

thus most of  us start connecting that wireless WiFi, with our devices. but really not aware, of what could be done with us,  we might forget,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

just be aware before using any public free WiFi facility; in fact, when it connected,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

probably chances are to lost the device’s data, in Keeping with lost data,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

assure that information like your personal data might be visible, thus you may be looted,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

therefore must think before connect to any free public WiFi connection

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How you can be safe from the free public wifi connection
/wp:heading wp:paragraph

As most of the free software is available, which can keep your devices from being harmed and from lost data as well,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

If you come across with any of these circumstances or probably such conditions produce,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

immediately download any one of this software, such as Avast antivirus software MCAFEE software,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

visit here to get this software It not only protects your devices but also make device running faster,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

to get this software click here .android.mobilesecurity

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

This software has a feature of VPN with enabling this VPN setting it to encrypt your connection on unsecured public WiFi

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

,it secures all those important data of your device. and connects your WiFi with a secured connection wifi[/caption]e_cards gr_run_anim Style replaceWithoutSep” id=”7″ data-gr-id=”7″>,it hides the IP address of your device,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

which becomes convoluted to really unmask and thus data are saved,

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

you might know that a hacker can hack your device through IP address and can steal every data from your device,
Conclusion — using public free WiFi connection is risky, just avoid it if is possible,

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i hope you may like my content if you feel helpful this article,

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money making online for free

money making online for free

Well, wanna money making online for free? Either from smartphone or laptop ,if yes,this is right place to guide you can earn more than 1000$ per day ,

if seeing that many ways are to earn money online ,you can easily make money but always required to dedicate some more time on these things , otherwise it’s not possible ,

remember these all process is a slow way of earning but once you are experienced, you may earn a lot, if you are ready to dedicate some more important time of your on these things it’s good, otherwise it will not work for you, so let’s get started with the top twenty ways to earn money

(1)Earn online money from Affiliate marketing program 

friend, believe me, or not I earn more than 50 $ per day with affiliate marketing online, so I hope you may also earn more, In fact, most of us would be thinking to earn money online, but you hardly find any decent ways to earn money? of course, it is, If you are a student, or you find yourself to make money in your free time, this is good option, friends you may need to dedicate some of your time on affiliate marketing,

you can earn money a lot, but basically need to build a trust this is what it takes some more time to increase earning ,Affiliate marketing is such a field where everyone can do rock ,there are no criteria to have any educational qualification only you must have a passion to do ,that’s it, because affiliate marketing provider never look for a qualified candidate, 

in fact, if you have made your dignity on social media sites such as faceFace, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp, definitely you may earn a lot ,it may take some more time if you are really confined to have more friends and acquaintances on social media sites ,”but no matter ” however you may earn but remember dedication of time is more important here as it is a slow process earning but decent way of earning,

 this is like trust-building marketing, to build a trust with customers a shopkeeper has to dedicate a lot of time, on the same way it is, you are a shopkeeper on affiliate marketing field ,you should continue ready for it,

Now let’s know how to become an Affiliate marketing manager-Before knowing about it, first, you should know, as each day passing, technology is getting increased deeper day by day in our lives. As the world is advanced towards technology, companies connected to it as well are more successful than ever. you know what  Recently Apple and Amazon have surpassed a score of 1 trillion.   

Therefore, the technology will keep its crankshaft in. Companies need technology and it is a huge market all over the world. Most of the technology companies are at the top now and things will continue to grow. The largest companies in the world are now specialized in technology.

If one wants to start something connected to technology, these are some of the best technology business ideas for who are associated with the information technology industry.

Here is the list of some best business technology ideas for technology professionals and start-ups with little investment.

Corporate SEO

as we know that Several companies are now online. and are struggling on the Internet and doing SEO an important factor in the ranking. SEO specialists help companies optimize their online content to make them easier to search for search engines. if  you seem that you are good at this field this would be the best option to join advertising


the way companies and customers are trying to grow their business on the Internet., advertising will provide a platform for companies to target customers has been seen as one of the main impulses in recent talked about affiliate marketing  this could be done if you want to do it;Digital marketing agency It will provide companies with a platform where they will get their digital needs. A digital marketing agency provides all online marketing solutions. Includes SEO for advertising content advertising.





These all are the best online marketing providers, How To make Affiliate marketing account to get started earning – In my opinion, being an Amazon affiliate marketer is not a big work, anyone can do affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate program does not have put any t&c to be on, it is concerning how you apply your capabilities to work more,

To make an affiliate marketing account click here-

here are some best affiliate program where you may earn more than you expected to earn,
create an account to be log in –CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT ,

To earn money from flipkart affiliate- click here to create an account – Join now

Earn money from Wooplr-

Start-up commerce platform Wooplr has invited applications from school students to affix the seek for its next CEO. A programme that’s each a highly-paid billet and a chance for college kids to witness what it’s actually prefer to head a firm with the #CEOForAMonth challenge. The winning student will get first-hand expertise in creating decisive decisions, game-changing deals and cultivating positive activity in an exceedingly team, operating directly with Wooplr’s CEO and its team.


The challenge invitations the youth of the Republic of India to prove their bravery, showcase leadership talents, ability, and creative thinking in an exceedingly given task for extremely prized internships in addition as Rs.10 lakhs in giveaways. The mega winner of this month-long challenge becomes Wooplr’s Student CEO for a month, , whereas different winners can receive paid internships as town Heads with Wooplr.

The #CEOForAMonth challenge holds potential for warm school students with Associate in Nursing entrepreneurial instinct, trying to find their dream billet. Any student registered in an exceedingly full-time school course, UN agency is on top of the age of seventeen, could be a resident of Republic of India , will participate within the competition.

Wooplr is building a straightforward manner for everybody to start out their on-line stores and envisions daily once it empowers 1,000,000 such individuals. On Wooplr, students UN agency shrewdness to assume on their feet and shrewdness to leverage their social network will build cash to fulfill any personal goal – from paying their school tuition to funding their next trip to state.

The winner of #CEOForAMonth gets the chance to intern with Wooplr as its Student CEO with a regular payment of Rs. 1 lakh. Twenty different rock stars can get the chance to intern with Wooplr as town heads. once fitting their stores, there square measure milestones which will fetch participants prizes starting from a GoPro to a visit to Amsterdam, from wireless headphones to play consoles – a complete of prizes value Rs.10 lakh.

Wooplr has partnered with Internshala Associate in Nursingd Zostel because the campaign partners providing an amalgamating bridge between fun and chance.

“Student life is that the peak of social reach for everybody and also the #CEOforAMonth campaign is intended to assist students use their social reach to earn the additional buck and learn all regarding managing their own on-line stores. With this challenge, we’ve in-built one thing for school students across Republic of India,” Wooplr CEO Arjun Zacharia same.

Earn money from shopclues-

Shopclues is India’s preferred online searching website that provides a product at most cost-effective value. I will keep in mind once Shopclues initial launched their website,they offered “Jaw dropping deal”.I bought three torch lights with battery at rs.30 – it absolutely was Associate in Nursing impressive deal. However that was all promotional deal, but still, you’ll be able to realize affordable value comparison alternative eCommerce sites.

However if you’re journal owner or if you’ve got website content relating to coupon codes,Price Comparison,recharge or the other website – you’ll be able to apply for affiliate partner.Joining in Shopclues affiliate program can allow you to earn up to seven change commission for every fortunate dealing through your link.

Become a freelancer- 

definitely can say that freelance is one of the best online jobs,anyone can do it but need to show some specific knowledge such as communication skill ,if you seem to go in this field ,recommend you to go ,so here I provide you some of the freelance provider jobs, which pay you at real time, it is such a field where you bid on your ability ,thus people earning money a lot from freelance,

freelancing jobclick here to earn money

Clearly outline your space of expertise/strength: in my quest to induce higher freelance agencies that really pay higher, throughout the course of registration in one in all the platforms, I selected the choice that i used to be a technical author (well I assumed I used to be except that I didn’t perceive their definition of technical) and that i was extremely embarrassed at my performance when the take a look at.

I already knew i’d fail as a result of the queries were strange and not the technical I envisaged. Most freelance sites can offer you the chance select|to settle on|to decide on} between 3-7 areas that you are feeling you’re skilful in and you want to be terribly careful to really choose wherever your strength lies.

This doesn’t simply confirm the character of the take a look at you’ll be however additionally the kind of shoppers you’ll be operating with later and you actually do need to make a awfully smart 1st and lasting impression of yourself as you may not get another likelihood to undo any injury. selecting a distinct segment is as vital because the entire plan of freelancing itself as this is often what is going to outline you subsequently; you tend to be focus ANd would undoubtedly grow into a knowledgeable within the niche you have got chosen.  

up workNOW click here

Upwork is best platform for rent gifted freelancer for complete project.Upwork authentic each registered freelancer upwork conjointly take video interview for demonstrate freelancer therefore no any fraud freelancer on upwork.We will simply post job project and acquire several numbers of freelancers bid on our job inside jiffy and that we can send interview invite to chose freelancer and when interview we will rent freelancer.We can rent freelancer for hourly or mounted worth base project.Upwork, give sensible chat interface for communicate with freelancer.


It’s easy. and  Simply post a job you require completed and receive competitive bids from freelancers  Whatever your requirements, there will be available to get it done: from web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, and graphic design (and a whole lot more).


Simply Hired, helps millions of people find great jobs and love what they do every day.


they do provide the part-time job for every college and university student on the entry-level job you must apply it,

they do also provide online job you have to submit your resume,


Freecharge all current best offers

Freecharge all current best offers

According to the deal terms, PhonePe has currently enabled its over thirty-five million users to link their existing FreeCharge wallets to the PhonePe app.

Once connected, PhonePe customers are going to be able to pay their FreeCharge pocketbook balance the least bit on-line and offline bourgeois retailers that settle for payments via PhonePe,

“This is in line with our vision of constructing PhonePe India’s initial really open payments platform, wherever customers will use any and every one payment instruments of their alternative,” PhonePe head banking product and strategic partnerships Hemant Gala same.

To pay via FreeCharge on PhonePe, customers will link FreeCharge from ‘My Account-Other Wallets’ section, following that they will pay victimization FreeCharge or PhonePe pocketbook balance.

As a part of the partnership, FreeCharge customers are going to be able to recharge and pay bills moreover as build payments for over sixty,000 on-line and offline merchants, together with MakeMyTrip, PVR, Cleartrip, 1mg, FreshMenu, restaurant occasional Day, Phoebus Apollo Pharmacy, KFC, Barista, Spencer’s and FoodWorld.

Last year, Flipkart’s rival Snapdeal had united to sell its mobile pocketbook business — FreeCharge — to Axis Bank in a very Rs 385-crore deal.

Flipkart’s payments arm PhonePe has currently enabled its over forty five million users to link their existing FreeCharge wallets to the PhonePe app

freecharge current offers

Customers will get exclusive New user and Existing user JIO Recharge promo codes and save five hundredths on 1st and 100 percent for existing users. The supply is subject to handiness and code additionally changes often. So it’s counseled to go to PromoCodeClub and realize the present JIO supply on Freecharge.
You can subscribe to Prime membership or renew your monthly plan or top-up your data or balance. After submitting your variety you’ll get all the packages and plans for your variety. Proceed to recharge and use our codes to get cashback.

As well as free charge giving 100%cashback on the first recharge of paying bill, these offers are really splendid, use the benefit of this offers through free charge ,leave any other cashback provides such Paytm or phone pay, currently this offer of free charge are going from many days, but remember to avail this offer you need to use a promo code is NEW50 ,you have to recharge through either official website of free charge or app ,don’t miss out this offers just go and avail,

Rule to get this offer –

Put this promo code at transaction time,

Don’t back or refresh while transaction getting done,

Use only one time,

Get this offer with every distinct account,

freecharge’s offer On many recharges and transaction

Free charge has offered 75 r cashback  on JIO recharges, this offer can be excluded on minimum recharge of 100, but remember this offer is valid only for new users on free charge app, so to avail this offer don’t use official website, instead free charge app ,and simply use :JIO75 ,👌,one better thing that ,after this recharge ,you will get 20% cash back on jio’s every recharge, in order to avail this offer, use promo code JIO50, you will get minimum fifty,

Thus if seeing that, free charge provided, its offer on probably everything you buy online, and, spend money on, Current offers of free charge included on Ixigo, on bus booking free charge give you 15% cash back, if you do through free charge app, t&c applied,

code to get 100% cash back with promo NEW 75, on rechrgre/bill payment,

apply promo code -JIO offers, to get 75,

Use promo code -PubG offer to get 720 bonus in pub G mobile outfits, when you buy recharge code on Google play store ,

Use promo code – UPI50, to get 5%cashback on every DTH /bills, but should be used through free charge  UPI,

Dominos – use this code to get 10%cashback dominos,,

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Croma(shopping) -10% cash back, on minimum transaction of 5000,

1MG (shopping) – 15% cash back on1 mg ,

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Affiliate Marketing is What and How to Start

how to start affiliate marketing here I have brought you the best idea which can let you know what is affiliate marketing(including Flipkart and Amazon ) and how do we do, Affiliate marketing is one of the best platforms,  to make money online by advertising a different kind of products and websites to achieve a certain level of percentage as commission to earn from sales made. This could be done via social networking sites and web traffic as well, That state us indirectly that money is being made from selling the product.  you already are aware that when you advertise that products via social and web are provided by others, not you. The only need to do is performing to provide an advertising or sales outlet. So, we will know how to earn from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a slow process you may not expect to make money instantly;  If you want to earn from affiliate marketing, follow me, and please read the full article to know, the article may be boring but it is very informative to know about affiliate marketing. We can say affiliate marketing is fundamentally the promotion of products, or services online through which we earn a commission for every clicks the links is done by customers, basically, we provide in the desired action. That goal might be a sale, in this business we get rewarded by promoting the products and services, For instance, you share a product on Whatsapp, and your friend buy that shared product, you will get a commission, so it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online but need to keep patience, All you need to do is to attach your link to the website or share to somewhere; once this  is done, chances happened to get commission if people visit ,

As a marketer, you’ll promote the product relevant to your business and refer people.there is no criteria of choosing this business or that business ,you can choose any relevant business, one best specification is that on affiliate marketing there is no hope to lose money, and this is why people are getting engaged with affiliate marketing,

How do we Affiliate Marketing?

to do affiliate marketing you need to create an affiliate program account then choose that product you want to sell, here I give you an idea of how you can do 
Know how to work on Flipkart affiliate-
To earn money from Flipkart affiliate program create an account here, now need to set up, let’s do it –
Step(1) search  for any products you want to promote on Various sites or sell,
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"]how to start affiliate marketing how to start affiliate marketing[/caption]
how to start affiliate marketing
Products like Laptop, books, etc, you may choose accord to your own choice,
Step(2) click on either link or banner, doing this will make a unique link, which is very essential to do so, if you don’t do, your shared link will not be approved,
Step(3) in this step what you do need to do is click on, button©1 button©2 button ©3, products description ©4,✓
how to start affiliate marketing
In my opinion, you should click on product description, because people become aware of what you want to sell and click on Okay,
Step(4) in this step you need to select all code given there, and copy that code,
Step(5) Now paste that code to affiliate link generator, click or go,
how to start affiliate marketing
Now you will get a larger link but you have to minimize that link, to do this, click on shorten-link, the link you get is the final link so you can share that link to Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube,on your website, anywhere you want to,
how to start affiliate marketing

Know how to create Amazon Affiliate marketing programit is also very easy to create an Amazon affiliate program , simply visit here and create an account,just put Gmail id and password ,which is associated with your Google account,once successfully account created ,log in it,Now you see a dashboard on your screen, apply this step to set everything up –

Step(1) Search keyword orAsin/IBSN, you have to put the product name here and click on go,
    Search product > go,
Step(ll)2nd step is to click on get link, as you click on get link, you will get the HTML code for that product link, you have to copy that given link, you can customize your product description to make more suitable, if not then leave that,
Now the link you have copied, that link is served for you, do not need to download the graphic of that product,
Step(lll)Now you have to click on *text only* you will get something written as HTML, link, short link,
Click on the short link, because the short link you get is suitable to share anywhere,
either on whats’app, Facebook, Instagram, anywhere you want to share,
If you have your own website /blog you can copy that HTML code and can paste to your page HTML part, that product will be added to your page as well,
So this is all process of how you can do Amazon affiliate marketing without any coding skill,

Tips to Earn from Affiliate Marketing And Why should we do it,

basically, it is a market where you need to keep patience, sometimes it is said to be the fastest growing, and sometimes said to be slower, in fact when you apply practically you may come to know,
but we apply for affiliate marketer because of these best specification.
free of cost – you never need to make an investment, you can provide your marketing the way you want, because, Marketing any product online is inexpensive, as well as. you never need to hire anyone to promote your shared product, if people buy from your shared link, you get commission and doing this no any chances of accept loss, if people buy, they gonna not ask anything from you, they will contact the owner of that product if they come across any fault,

let’s know the tips to grow affiliate marketing 

the first tips has recommended you to choose a specific good products-Most of us to make the mistake by registering with too many affiliate programs and try promoting everything they see. If you are trading, first join and decide to promote only one thing for instance books, to promote the only book so that people may attract with your store if you share a book, sometimes mobiles, sometimes something else then it will overwhelm you and you won’t promote the products properly. give time to understand what actually demand in the market and search for products that will go well with your site’s topic.
Try to generate traffic for your affiliate marketing business
if seeing that various sources are to promote products, you can include all social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr,g+, etc, but what we mistake is after promoting some products if someone doesn’t buy from our shared link ,we abrogate promoting thus chances finished to make money, if someone has own website he try to run ads just on his own sites, its good but he can also promote by adding that promote link to web pages, maybe people  buy from there, thus the more your website getting traffic, higher chances are to earn money, Create a page to promote affiliate marketing business
but what about who has not owned website,well, if you don,t have website you may create a FB page (know how to create a page) and then start sharing your product  ,but better idea is that you may create an app with your FB page, this would be also free of cost, you have to submit your FB page link instead of buying any domain,
As we have come on affiliate marketing ,so we should try to detect which product has high demand in the market ,once it is determined you stop thinking about much toil you do behind this, and start making efforts ,in fact people often buy that product has a demand, suppose demand of book in the market ,and you try to promote pen ,so why people will buy ,if they do not meet their demands ,
So this is a fundamental way to understand this, even I myself earn approximately 10$ daily, from affiliate marketing,
You can’t make money until you know the latest techniques and methods, yes it is, Build a trust 
When you start promoting any products, you make people aware of whom product you are promoting, and that people might already know about that owner of your products ,this also instigate them to buy your products, for instance, you share a product from Amazon ,so it sure that people are well aware of Amazon, on the other hand, if you share a product from a platform which  is not known, very often people are aware of that platform, so people will not buy, no matter how decent product you share to them, here it is the matter of building trust,  so this is what you have to build trust, you have just to decide to take your business at higher level, if accord to it you make your effort on your business, certainly you can do, To do this what you need to do is learn from other people in the business ,this is really a stupendous way to gain experience, because you would get an idea of how they do, why they are successful and why they are failed, thus you may know the reason for how I take  my business at a high level, for this you can do free advertising, email marketing, but I would reiterate, not to be bored early ,this is a slow and fast process ,it depends on how you do ,sometimes it takes a lot of time , only you need to choose the right product, accord to the demand of peoples, you may also ask from an unknown person about whenever he buy something online, what is that thing or product he often buy, that person certainly reply you have to ask such questions with many peoples ,thus you can get an idea,you can promote your business according to their demands ,
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Relationship is confined know how you can make ,

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   how to make the relationship 

How to Make Relationship 

Hello friend in this content I tell you how you can make a relationship if you are really confined to do with someone and unable to persuade the choice of your female Friend,
basically expected that more than 50% of boys are really unable to talk with girls ,In fact I was also involved in that ,but now I have a girlfriend of my choice ,But you do not know how effort full my day was to make a Relationship with  a girl, modest about how to find a female friend, with all consequences of effort ,formulated that really possible to cajole unknown girl ,in fact this tricky method applied either to boys and girls, and both as well ,
As a boy always interested in a girl, on the same way a girl also interested in a boy, this is fact,
How do I know – Formulated this idea after talking with many girls ,As Boys like girls on the same way girls also like boys, But we boys really confined to have conversation with a girl at first, but once you overcome having conversation with them, really your way become clear, and you move on the way of that label you needed before ,
So now come on the matter to how you really can do

 how to make relationship with a girl 

Suppose if you living in an unknown place, Where you live you see many girls but you do not have a friend, let alone to talk about girlfriend even you don’t have a female friend as well,
To apply this method  really can work for you have to look at that girl ,whom you want to cajole ,it can take some more time but you have to keep patience ,You have to show your polite manner to her ,never try to show your over smartness ,yeah you can show but not so much , because persuading unknown girl is abstruse, and seems to be spacious, but really it works, your polite way of living life and your smartness can get admired by that girl, you have to look into her eye, before eye fight with her,
Relationship-|-Love-|-how to make relationship
just try to know if she really interested in you as well ,you can guess by seeing at first eye contact If she gives you any indication you can guess, as you are already adept ,but never in tolerate making eye contact has a unique and spacious that show a person’s confident ,in any field either interview field or to have communication with any person,
So you know the essentiality of eye contact well if she really avoids you to make eye contact, do not worry at all, you have to keep your patience, you have to continue staring her, but remember do not behold continuously, this can make the negative result, but you have to get positive,
Do this eye contact only for one month, she will also be totally engaged, give her a sign once you fully confident about your relationship with her or with that person, (a girl can also apply this trick ),

How you can make the relationship in your college 

As really difficult to persuade a girl in your college as presence of lot of friends and students let your relationship confined to move further ,But it is also easy to do ,First whom you want to persuade just detect about her ,if she lives in any group of person ,so you have to simply join that group somehow , Slowly you have to come closer to her ,This is How you can persuade ,
if she a student of your same class, make eye contact with her and find any questions related your subject you read in your class and try to have a conversation with her about that certain problem, 💯% assure she will ready to talk with you, thus you can make friendship with her,
In fact, this is how I have some friends, you may also apply this method, I assure you can do,
After all, it happened, you do not have to put your proposal before her ,you have to simply let your relationship run ,you have to spend some more time with her ,then put your words ,Let her make as though she herself put per words before you ,This is the identification of a strong relationship ,How to make a girl fall in love to make a relationship 
So far have realised that a girl can be fallen in love easily just to show your talent, if you do not have any talent ,that’s okay, as you notice a girl run behind someone has something quality ,in fact a girl loves regardless of any other how you are ,you look good or not ,when you come in a relationship or want to come in a relationship you start trying to be deserved ,so you have to simply follow her every word whom you want to make fall in love, be a funny man with that ,This is how you can make someone fall in love ,
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