A love story ,ishq and infinity

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A love story Ishq and infinity

Ishq and infinity is a story based on a love story of a couple in which you may get some interesting fact about love and how do you feel when you been in love with someone, so here is little bit description about this novel you may read,
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength While loving someone deeply gives you courage. Rohan is a boy from a small city in India. He has his own concept about love that the word “True Love” is a myth. After going to Dublin for his study he gets into trouble one after another. The life throws him into the deep end and he has to face his worst fears. Will the misconception of Rohan about love breaks in the future when he meets Swati? Ishq @ Infinity: A Love Story Sealed With a Curse, A fictional love story, is pleasant and surprising, wonderfully realistic and dangerously unreal.,
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Archie Americana Series Best Of The Sixties-

The sensational sixties… a time of dreams, hopes, revolution and social change! At the forefront of the decade were the nation’s youth– enjoying the latest fads, speaking their minds and defining a generation. Ever timeless, Archie and his friends came along for the ride, exploring both the fun and unique brand of humor, as only they could! Journey back with us now in this eagerly anticipated volume.

About the Author
George Gladir is an American comic book writer, primarily known for his work with Archie Comics, he co-created Sabrina the Teenage Witch, with artist Dan DeCarlo. He became a full-time comic book writer in 1959, doing one-page gag fillers for Archie Comics Archie’s Joke Book and other titles. His first confirmed credit is the gag page “Sign Language”, drawn by Dan DeCarlo, in Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica #59 
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