best way to study and memorize

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best way to study and memorize

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In this content, we will know how to study in a proper way, many of us study, with great effort, but the result of studying a lot, make disappoint us, I also  a student, therefore this topic immediately come across remember, so decided, must write an article over it,  through which you may come to know about how do I study, and what actually fault I do, while studying,

best way to study and memorize

So far have known that studying a lot, can not let you get succeed, until/unless applying the proper ways of studying,

basically has been said that a student must have the habitual of that is to say KAG CHESTA, BAKO DHYANAM, ALPA HARI NIDRA,

Basically(KAG CHESTA, BAKO DHYANAM, ALPA HARI NIDRA, ) this is the rule a student should follow anyway, but very few of us might able to do, Crow demeanor represent that, A crow never feels defeated until /unless get succeded,

a crow has that potential which is very appreciable, you may notice how a crow make gesticulation, he can’t leave doing till the final consequence, we student should also bring this gesticulation in studying life,

Concentration like the heron – The heron has a powerful concentration, actually that Heron has not got this power initially but it is the habit that he has made, while he enters inside the water, start looking for little fish, you know how fish are clever, howver them’s wisdom proved nothing before the concentration of a Heron,

On the same way, a student needs to concentrate on whatever is to study, for instance, many of us might start using a phone or computer while studying, just as to take a break for some minutes, and spend more time than already expected,

actually doing this sublime whatever you had studied before, thus you happen to forget whatever you studied, avoid doing so, my strong recommendation for you is to repeat that things you studied,

after studying anything, repeat that studied things without the help of that certain books, you may happen to forget some of the things you studied and some of the things remember, keep doing this process for the twice and thrice,

and stop reading that certain topic, you need to read that certain topic once again but after one day or two days, but remember before you touch that same book to read, make sure to try to recall everything if possible you can do,

After you recall everything, as much as was possible to recall, then try to read that same topic or certain books, this time you are going to read a final time,

Proper times and ways of doing study

If seeing that, the study can be started at any time, you want, my grandmother says me to study during morning time, yeah it is really a very appreciatable time to start reading, but according to my expectation, you can start studying at any time, but make your internal soul indicates you to study,

many of student continues studying with the fear of something, but internal soul’s indication is not realized, you may study but can’t do well, study happens with desire, not forcefully, so start studying when you have the mind to study, and when your mind says to study,

do not look for any good time or bad time, I mean, it has been very late night this is the time of sleeping why should I study, ignore such kind of thinking, you may do well at that time if you start studying at that very moment,

Now my last suggestion is when you finish your studying, keep memorize those things which you studied, doing this can make you ease to complete those certain things in very less time, by the next time you start studying,

when you go to sleep, do try to remember whimsically, so friends I hope you may like my ideas, about the best way to study and memorize

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