Chess game between the USA and China

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The chess game is winning over Go right now between the united state and China American to play the chess game, which is primarily a game that often principally use the analytical brain which we say is a spacious game, whereas Chinese play go is a vastly convoluted and strategically more complex game that uses the left and right (spontaneous)brains equally, IBM’s depth blue

program vanquish then chess world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, it had taken 20 more years before a program (GOOGLEALPHAGO)could vanquish the Go World Champion, Currently chess player getting advantage ,US President Donald Trump continue bringing more and more issues to the table ,to attack China from different directions,which came the tariff on Chinese import in the month of July ,with menace of mantle tariffs from first March 2019 if the US and China trade reveal starting in January it may not work out, the campaign on china ‘s old habits of intellectual property snatched and made a force technology transfer from companies of western, After meeting on 1 December Trump at the g20 meeting summit, president for life xi Jinping assured to resolve US REASONABLE CONCERN, About intellectual property practices but the same day, the heir superficial of chinas telecom such as giant, Huawei, arrested in Canada for extraditing to The US, on nineteenth December, Trump did sign a law that bans US visa for a Chinese official, which restrict the American to visit Tibet, on thirty-first December,

Go right now between the united state and China

trump had to sign another law ,Lisa reassure initiative Act ,that go after China s quasi imperial ambitions in the Indo Pacific zone ,act citation China’s illegal construction and mobilizations of an artificial features in the south china sea and China’s powerful coercive economic practices,and assigned authority action for countering China’s act upon to undermine international system , Act also mentions human rights evidently referring to the brutal subjugation of the Uighur people in China’s Xinjiang province, on another complexity on which China is highly sensitive, says that US will continue supporting the close relationship between Taiwan and US ,Trump should lead regular transfers of defense clauses to Taiwan which are trimmed to meet the existing and probably future menaces, from the chinas republic,Xi jimping had said China’s relationship with Taiwan is unacceptable because there would be the act of coming together, with Taiwan, even it is meant China to use force , No words of US act mince, which wants China to change course and pursue a reasonable result pointed relationship with the US, and appointment on global issues, encouraging China to play a constructive, My channel: Role in the Indo Pacific region, continue calling Chinese action that subverts the international system rule, India is commonly recognized as a major defense partner, and India is to partner with Us, My channel: it is that a real estate developer of Trump is said as he has produced his fortune, and business development as well, have always faith on the hard impressive deal, to push China to see how hard a deal can be stroked ,and Chinese may not have managed with such an antagonist before, My channel: While trump at the beginning threatened tariffs, China has reacted hostilely, it has announced orderly management of punishment against Chinese companies for IP burgled, it has also drawn up draft legislation to protect the IP rights of foreign investors, and disallowed forced technology transfer by administrative, china ‘s sc has set up a special appeal court to handle IP disputes, My channel: Negotiating power of China been somewhat worn by its own issues, xi s huge ambitious belt and road initiative have begun to disentangle, My channel: Through debt trap diplomacy of China scheme, visit another page- Football]]>

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