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Google Adsense solved the error

Hello, friends today I will tell how we can solve the problem of error in Google Adsense, you may be finding, Earning at risk -one or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your Adsense publisher id, fix this now,
So friends nothing to worry now as have found a way of
In fact, I was having struck from many days to take this problem on my Adsense account, I have followed everything whatever I got information from YouTubers but none of them trick worked,
Basically simple way of solving this issue is that if you find this issue just click on red line where you see this error message on your AdSense account, you have to click on action, after click on action you will be provided a Google publisher id ,you have to copy that code and paste on your YouTube or blogger s monetization, where you may find an option of monetization enable (custom ads.txt), simply paste that code on here ,
And then have to wait for twenty-four hour
credit to Google Adsense
After wait for twenty hours if you find the same error on your AdSense.You have to do one thing just go to Adsense account and search SITES, and click on view report and tap on sites again, there you see a three-dot line, and tap on Site authorization option to enable once you do it your problem will be definitely resolved within twenty-four hour,
Let’s do it stepwise –
Step (1) -open your blogger or youtube account,
Step(2) -open blogger setting
Step(3) – click on search preferences,
Step (4)- on custom ads.txt? .click on edit,
Step (5) – open your Adsense account
Step (6) click on action. Earning st risk there,
Step (7) copy that google publisher code,
Step (8) paste on your blogger monetization (step 4),
Note -if not worked after 24 hours then apply –
Step (9) click on view report -all reports
Step (10) click on sites
Step (11) near sites filter click on there dot line and do enable SITE AUTHORISATION,
Your problem has been solved,
if you find still any problem ping me up by your comment

How to place Adsense inside blogger to solve Adsense issue

Placing AdSense inside blogger need to launch AdSense website and log in, just go on your AdSense site and log in it, simply then click three lines given on the left hand above, click on ad units, simply create an adds by filling some of the things like adds name, size etc ,but better is if you keep responsible adds, because it has to be managed accord to the page, And then open your blogger account and log in it also then click on theme option and open edit HTML ,you can see HTML option at the fourth number just click like beside outside of HTML inside theme section and do click on enter by keyboard and paste that code you made inside AdSense ad unit ,and then do save theme ,So this is how to place adsenAd or  we place the AdSense code inside blogger

How to show Adsense in blogger post 

To show adds inside blogger post of a blog has two way of how to place Adsense code inside blogger post so that adds can be seen on blogger post ,so first way is just go on your AdSense site and get the code from your created unit section and click on get code ,just open notepad of your computer and do paste that Adsense code there, so what you need to do there is you have to remove two things (- CA pub -)and then from below one whole line before the last line, and then copy that again and open your blog post and click on edit and then HTML of your page ,you may paste that code anywhere ,
If this method doesn’t work then 2nd method is here ,you have to simply click on a unit section of Adsense and then click on your created ads and get code ,so copy that code and paste that code inside your blogger post by doing click on edit page ,and open HTML of that post,  paste that copied code anywhere ,adds will start appearing inside the post ,
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