know How to fix camera problem in any mobile device

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Method of fix camera problem 

we confess the problem of Primary camera /secondary camera does not work, so don’t worry here I have brought an idea which can fix your problem, if your phone’s primary camera and secondary camera do not work then you have to do one thing in your mobile phone

step for fixing camera problem –   

  1. open your camera and go to camera setting, now tap on restore defaults 
  2.  go to device setting turn off your developer setting,
  3. check inactive apps in developer setting if camera showing active, if yes then okay, but if not then do active,
  4. go to all apps in setting,
  5. search camera and do tap on storage (-clear data and clear cache,)and then force stop once it has done, 
  6. switch off your device and then  do switch on, and open your camera again to check whether that problem been fixed, if it is fixed do enjoy,
  7. but in many cases after apply all these above step do not work ,in this condition, only one thing can be done is factory data reset which can surely fix this issue ,this is the last step of fixing camera issue,but my suggestion is, apply all these processes from 1 step to 6 steps at first instead 7th step, if 1 to 6 process do not work then apply 7th step directly ,