largest double decor bridge ;become easy to arrive china boarder

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Largest double decor bridge; become easy to arrive China border

At the 94th jubilee of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of India ,present prime minister Narendra Modi on Monday has endowed one of the largest Bogibeel  road of this country to the publics .on this opportunities prime minister also started the Tinsukia -naharlagun intercity express, construction of 4.94 km longest bogibeell  bridge was started on 21 April 2002 in the working time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee .this bridge is built over Brahmaputra river which connects Dheemaji district on north side to the Dibrugarh on south side .we can definitely say that this bridge will be proved as a new protector of the country because through this bridge will become so easy to reach to China border by the road and train and will become so easy to send Assad as well ,
nice bridge
Prime minister Narendra Modi arrived  Dibrugarh  on Tuesday in order to open this bridge, from there he directly arrived at the Bogibeel, after opening, Prime minister continued moving with the Assam governor Jagdish Mukhi and Assam chief minister Sarvanand sonowal for a while .he also went to another side of bogibeel bridge with the kafiles and greeted to the hundreds of people present there .later on he addressed an assembly in chapori and took previous govt came under ,

he said we have changed the work acculturation of hanging and embrangling, to complete these projects timely isn’t confined but is a reality of truth, he also said if former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had gotten the 2nd working period this bridge would have been completed till 2008-09.
but after the government of Atal .till was put aside. Narendra Modi said this is the first steel made road bridge, and this bridge will be a lifeline for the millions of peoples of the northeast ,  this has furled the distance between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh…….
construction of bogibeel is done by the use of foreigner types of equipment, in this eighty thousand ton steel and thirty lakh cement used .it is so much strength that it can easily overcome the intensity of seven of Earthquake on rector scale case of an emergency fighter plane can take a flight.
specification of this bridge; two rail lines are on the below deck of this bridge and is a road of three lanes on upper deck .it has been pretended to be preserved or safe  for one hundred twenty years,
longest bridge in assam india