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Hello friends in this lesion i will tell you some  useful tricks related English grammar ,if you are either beginner or  you know English but you are always confused what to apply where in speaking or writing as well so today I have brought the best solution for your confusion but remember you have to read carefully and whatever the information is given, need to apply it in your communication, here we will learn from tense itself because it containing majority of the solution of your problem and many of you are confined understanding tense ,
  • FUTURE TENSE                                            
  •                                           PRESENT TENSE           everyone of us knows what exactly present tense is, if something is happening in the present time or something is being done, is said to be called present tense                                                                                                                
  1. Tricks to identify these parts of present tense 
(1) PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE -it relates if something happens at the present,
  please consider here,
Jennifer is a teacher and he is staying at home now, it means that he is not teaching now (as he has not arrived in the school )  but he teaches (as he is a teacher )   
 So what we get a conclusion in terms of present simple tense we use only like this work(s) /do (es )    
here do is used with the first person (i) and with the 2nd person (you, they, we …)as well 
but the use of does is done with 3rd person (he, she, it, she, this, that, …and so on ) rule – (for affirmative sentence) – SUB.. +V1+…….
     FOR ex – He sings a song,
                    Jennifer eats mango,

  • RULE- For negative sentence – subject + do/does + not+v1 +……
    forex- you do not go to school,
               he doesn’t eat mango, 
             she doesn’t want to meet you are not a good person and always continue condemning in front of the friends,
    RULE- for interrogative sentence –    DO/DOES +SUB..+V1+…
  • FOR ex –  do you not want to accomplish your work within the time expected?
                  does he go to school?
                 does she want to meet you?
                do we expect to get that material from that person?
RULE -negative interrogative sentence =  do/does +not +sub +v1 +….
  for ex..     doesn’t he wants to go there?
                  don’t you expect me to help you?   
RULE -negative affirmative sentence = sub +do/does+not +v+ …..
forex – he doesn’t want to let you do that,
              she doesn’t provide money to you,
              you don’t take her to anywhere that’s why she is upset
)   PRESENT PERFECT TENSE -this tense relates that if something(works) done /finished soon in the present ;  
just consider this sentence – suppose you are given an assignment to complete and you r submitting this assignment by Tommarow  so once you are asked if assignment is completed or not ,your answer is YES ,assignment is completed  so here is the structure of making sentences in present perfect tense ,

   structure – sub +have /has+ been +v3 +…..
                                                                             ( here have is used with first person and 2nd person   but has is used with 3rd person ,this is what have to keep remember okay ) for ex-you have been done that work   ,( means here work is finished )           she has been read all books   ,
         We have been completed all our works ,

RULE- for affirmative sentence         SUB+HAS/HAVE+ BEEN +V3 +……
   FOR EX-       she has been read all books   , 
                  &nbs p; police has been investigated that incident occurred yesterday night at the railway station , 

RULE -for negative sentence         SUB +HAS/HAVE+NOT+BEEN   +V3 +…..
FOR EX- You haven’t contradicted even a single words of her so why she never talk to you ? 
                  she hasn’t  been qualified to this test yet so she can’t able to get  job ,

RULE -for interrogative sentence         HAVE/HAS +SUB +BEEN +V3 +….. 
                                                                 do /does +sub +have /has +been +v3  
FOR EX….     have you ever been to the america ?  ,

                    do you have been completed this work ? ,
  1.                                             do i have been restricted from school ? /have i been restricted from school ?

3 PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE – refers that something is being done now ,
for ex – i am writing ,
   he is singing ,

structure – for affirmative sentence      SUB +IS,AM ARE + V+ING + ……

     FOR EX- National investigation authority is still trying to find the truth behind that certain circumstances ,

you r going to market now,      she is studying now .

RULE – for negative sentence ,      sub+is,are ,am +not +v1+ing

     for ex- i am not doing my work ,
              you are not telling me ,
            we are not reading books
          he is not eating his food ,

RULE – for interrogative sentence –           is ,am,are +sub+v1+ing +…. 

for example- am i giving you abuse ?
                      is she saying you a liar ?

                      are we going to visit markets today ?

to know further please visit here –English grammer

4 PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE – this tense relates that something is being done from much times and yet not finished ,still is going on ,

STRUCTURE -Sub + have /has been +v+ing +….. 

          FOR EX- i have been reading for one hours  ,(it means that process of reading was started one hour ago but this reading  process is still going on )

it has been raining here since Monday ,

RULE -for affirmative sentence –     SUB +HAS/HAVE+BEEN +V+ING

FOR EX- have been writing LETTER for one hour.   

RULE – for negative sentence –            sub +has/have+not+been +v +ing 

  for ex..  i haven’t been reading for one hours ,     

RULE – for interrogative sentence-          &nbs p;  have/has +sub +been+v+ing 

for example –   has he been staying in this room for two years ?
                        have you been reading for one hours ?  

SO here i want you to please make sentences through all these rules and structure of tenses  ,i hope you will do well ,