Negativity is my enemy ,I have to kill it ,just read this powerful motivation ,

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Negativity is my enemy, I have to kill it, just read this powerful motivation 

My topic is why do you keep thinking negativity, you know what thinking negativity can never let you move ahead, so better is abrogate negativity from your life forever, negativity doesn’t only instigate to stop doing something
but also eat your dareness,the day you will abrogate your negativity your all dream start appearing true, if you want to do something and have to have patience on doing that thing, but you might think that what if that certain works of mine would not succeed, then listen you will never get succeed, do you know why ?
Because of your negativity will not let your performance better, I would say one thing the one who spend something on something without any thought of consequences bout what would be the final result, got
sometimes failed and sometimes success, do not think at all your final consequences of whatever you do and whatever you want to achieve,
If you failed and unable to achieve whatever you had hoped to achieve, so do not worry at all, if you are failed you have got something to learn,
You can’t imagine your happiness if you achieve something positive after negativity,
Negativity is a killer of positiveness, positiv p ness is the killer of negativeness,
Both are sustained at the same time in one’s life, but the matter is to chose which one your internal soul adopt,
I make a story here ,there was an Ass ,a washerman had always used to take his ass to a big pond, actually he had to cross that pond to go to another village where his source of income was established ,That washerman always put clothes on his ass back ,one day it was something else ,That washerman put the sack of salt on his ass s back ,ass was getting exhausted with the weight of that salt, when washerman along with ass reached to the pond ,
the ass was thinking as I already getting exhausted how would I cross this pond with the loaded salt bag on back, on the other hand, washerman was forcing his ass to cross the pond but ass was not moving at all, Wasserman beat his ass a lot,
Ass thought If I would not move ahead, this Washerman would not leave me, so That Ass did neglect all the consequences of it would able to cross that pond or not, Ass started moving ahead, As that Ass entered inside pond his leg slippered come across,
But then the sack of salt bag sublimed in water completely, and ass thought if I had moved ahead early I would not be beaten up by his lord Washerman, and then ass thought I would never think about  consequences of whatever I supposed to do in this life, I would continue doing,
Conclusion- that as was not moving ahead just because of his negativeness did not let him move  further, but once he stopped thinking about the consequence of if he would able to cross that or not, he finally crossed, so here is to say that
A positive thinking person never care about the consequence of whatever he does,only continue doing,
While a negative thinking person always think about the consequence of whatever he does,and this becomes the reason for getting the failure ,
If you want to do something just don’t think about the consequences of failure and pass, you know time is very powerful it will let you make aware of about the consequences,
So just say I am allergic to negativity, negativity is my enemy, and have to kill and destroy this negativity from this very life,
I don’t care if I live unhappily but at least I can think positive,

                                                                     Written by Amar Singh,

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