Paytm Kyc and earn cash with a different method,

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Paytm Kyc and earn cash with a different method

If you are using a Paytm app, it is good then you can know that Paytm has brought new features to earn money and how you can get your Paytm Kyc done as well,
If you are using the old version of paytm so just update your paytm immediately because you will be provided an option to earn paytm cash easily, As paytm has also been a lot of users like Flipkart and Amazon, but the only difference is that Flipkart and Amazon have a broad aspect of dignity both of this spread all over the country if seeing that, while paytm is only in India now, It is also bringing many changes to make users happy and hopes it will continue doing so, on paytm we can buy anything, we can keep our money as a wallet on paytm  , Paytm has made a stupendous ease to the users ,ever since paytm has come ,since then it has been trying to bring many changes ,so that users can like it,all of paytm users know most of the features of paytm such as paytm cloud ,paytm for business , convenience of free bank to bank transfer on paytm ,payment banks ,and one more features of paytm is one step solution for every need (including flights ,train book train tickets ,bus tickets book bus ticket ,pay water bills ,fees pay school, electricity pay, movie tickets, metro recharge, pay gas bills and much more )but as brought something good ,when you buy something it provides cashback offer, not only this with the new features of paytm , you can’t only get cashback offer but also can earn paytm cash or money , Simply you have to  search that thing you want to buy from paytm , there you see a cashback offer, so this is the process of save money,

 how you can earn paytm cash,

paytm cash
It is not about earning paytm cash by referring your paytm link app, but this is all about referring the product link, the more you share a product (like books, laptop, or any other materials ) the more you get a chance to earn paytm cash ,you can share that link to anywhere ,whether to your friends or on any other social site ,,if anyone buy from your shared link , commission of that product will be added to your paytm wallet ,in fact this is like Flipkart and Amazon affiliate marketing but this feature of paytm is so easy in comparison to these sites ,

How to get your KYC done

We know that from last two month or three-month kyc was not available, but now it has been available, on this new year paytm has brought something different way to get KYC done, So first off all what you need to do is update your paytm app if is updated then okay ,so launch your paytm app and slide three dot line given there and open KYC option ,there you may be informed to complete KYC with such an information, visit the nearest KYC point with any of certain original documents following voter ID, driving license ,passport ,NREGA card ,but remember pan card is mandatory to open saving account ,this is what the new information provided on behalf of paytm ,you would notice that aadhar card was mandatory earlier but now option for aadhar card has been excluded , If you want to get your KYC done by yourself you have to simply click on KYC option and choose your state and district, but remember you can’t get your KYC done, on this new year paytm has changed the method of kyc , In the earlier, we could do half KYC somehow, but now not at all, as you enter your state and District you will be given a lot’s of nearest KYC center list, so you have to carry any of those mentioned documents to the kyc center, VISIT ANOTHER PAGE 👇 Whats’app new feature how-to-download-newly-released-movie- solve-software-issue-on-devices how-to-fix-camera-problem-in-any-mobiles. how-to-solve-adsense-issue. how-to-access-all-my-photos. online-chatting-dating-free.