Photo,How to access all My photo

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How to access all My photo

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How to access all My photos, credited to this pic

Access my photo 

Hello, friends, I am Ajit, in this content, I will tell how to access all My photo and video from your Android mobile devices,
This is one of the best tricks to recover and access photo,
To access My photos, all I need to do  is download a Google photos app from Google play store, after downloading this app, you have to simply log in with that same Gmail account you have in your phone,
Once your Google photos app associated with that Gmail account, then open that app, now you open that Google photo app, you see =_ three lines above at the left-hand side,
Tap on this three line, you can see your profile name and associated Gmail account,
But now you have to click on device folders, all folders of your device may appear in front of your eye,
You have to simply click on that folder you want to access that folder of  photo picture and then do enable backup  and sync,
You photo picture folder will automatically be accessed,

How to access your deleted photos 

To recover deleted photos files in your phone has become easy ,I just tell to recover deleted photos ,if your photo picture has been deleted from your gallery of mobile phone then you can see that deleted pics from your gallery ,Just follow this step -open your Google photos app and tap on photos ,and do slide slowly your deleted photos from gallery can be seen now ,and also can download that photo picture ,
One more best feature of this app is you can keep all your photo picture in secret there,Conclusion stepwise- ⇨ Open Google photos ⇨login with Gmail account ⇨device folders ⇨ back up and sync this all about to access your Google photos  ⇨just do slide to access your deleted photos but remember this trick will not work if you haven’t downloaded this Google photo app ever on your phone, google app has all the way to access the files of your mobile devices

Archive of Google photos –

basically, we often use the archive function of Google Photos app, as there is not so much of use, but it also helps to store the pictures aside, which will sustain longer in a gallery, In Archive function of Google photos can be stored by adding a title, which helps us to recover that picture if that picture has been deleted from the gallery, By the way Google photos is one of the stupendous apps,it also provides to share library of pictures, as well as also connect with other Google photos user to receive and send picture, a lots of pics can be shared and received at a time, to do this select picture from photos gallery app and then do share ,but on Google photos app, it’s not too mesh to send ,I can say that I have stored thousands of pictures in google photos app and all those pics were captured two or three years ago , the best feature is that you can detect about any pic of your accord to the people, places, things, colleges Animations and movies etc , What is the use of Assistant in Google photos – Photos can be saved accord to the location can be added to the photos, which help to search that pix later accord to the location, Suppose if you captured a pic of your at anywhere and location of your device was turned on, but that pic has been deleted so you can see that deleted pic by the search through location,