smartphone to buy with this idea?

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smartphone to buy with this idea? how to buy any smartphone

In this content, I will tell how to buy any phone. what basis should we buy on .whenever matter come to buy a smartphone .we often confuse with which feature of the phone should we buy?

now you will not confuse at all. just read carefully .you will have an idea and your confusion will be cleared out as well. Which feature of the phone is best for you- 

Well if you have to work over the phone a lot of .you must choose a phone with great feature .we should often buy a phone on the basis of the feature of that mobile/phone. the feature of a phone including -Ram, storage, core, battery storage, CPU/processor, version etcWhat is Ram on a phone-  Random access memory ,

basically, we will know what we need to when the matter comes to chose a ram .we should always choose high ram storage, the more high storage of ram we choose will work better, for instance, there are some list of ram storage here –1 GB, 2 Gb,3Gb,4Gb  …………up to 10 GB,

work function of these rams would be like this – 10gb >9gb>8gb>7gb>6gb>5gb>4gb>3gb>2gb>1gb. it means that 10 GB of ram storage will always faster than 9gb or 8gb ….. 1gb. What is storage on a smartphone – this is similar to the ram storage .only differences are that ram is a faster memory which shows the capacity of working function/ application in a phone while storage memory of a phone shows the capacity how much of files (including picture, song, video, document )can be stored in a phone ,so apparently we can say the more high storage memory of a phone is better , What is the CPU central process unitbasically, CPU is the main parts of a mobile, as a tree has many branches on the same way CPU is a tree and another function of the phone is branches of a CPU. role of CPU is very important in a phone to let’s clear our doubt -all the works you do in your phone like watching the video, playing the game. install a different kind of apps on the phone, how much time your phone often take time to open a files /apps is based on the work of CPU. for instance- CPU is like an engine of any vehicle. before buying any phone we must know the which company of CPU is best .in today’s market there are four best-branded CPU maker company such as Nvidia Tegra, processor,  Snapdragon Qualcomm Samsung Exynos4, Texas Instruments, CORE – is the part of CPU, it is divided into parts such as dual-core, quad-core,    octa core, …..and so on,
now we understand the work function of these core .apparently higher core of a CPU will always work better, octa-core is always faster than quad core is always faster than dual-core is always faster than the mono core, so the conclusion is -octa core> quad-core
the higher core you select is the better. another feature of the core is based on the size such as 10nm ‘ 14nm, 7nm,
for the purpose of buying any phone, I tell you that less size of nm is always better in CPU, so according to all these contexts, we get a conclusion that we must buy a phone which has higher ram, higher storage, higher core (including company and size ). I hope you may like this context and your doubt is cleared so to see another context please visit-unlock any file             apple ipad