softwares required to solve the issue

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in this content i will tell how we can solve softwares 

issue on android phone mobile softwares problems on a dead phone .but remember to solve this software crisis,

presence of a laptop or computer is needed most .because of this issue your phone might switch on  and display only company name .on the other way it does not open at all .

this is what the basic software crisis issue of a dead do not worry I am here to solve your problem .and you will no need to go to a mobile repair center .you have to just follow my every step. let’s start with step-wise okay so to start this process you need to install some softwarein your computer /laptop such as  (1) download stock rom .  (2) download sp flash tool.  (3) download android USB driver. remember you have to download all these above-mentioned software, accord to your mobile device model .suppose I have Panasonic p85 .then I will have to search on google with this word –download stock rom for Panasonic android p85 mobile. similarly, you have to download all this software. when these files will be downloaded then it will be in zip files so you have to unzip, you see a software inside this file. install it in your computer .do this same process until/unless you download all these software in your computer. after download, every software like download stock rom .download sp flash tool works to do flash your dead phone. and 3rd is to download and install an Android USB driver. now you need to have a data cable so that you can connect your mobile phone to your computer and can flash your phone as well. if you have connected your phone to your computer then open sp flash tool and then click on scatter loading files (which you find this files in your same sp flash tool files )and then do click on firmware and then do select your android to scatter and then click on download. as you have tapped on download sp flash tool then leave it up to 100% downloaded .once it is accomplished remove the battery from your phone. connect the data cable to your computer with your phone, as you do this process will automatically start .software will start installing in your phone and this installing process can take up to five or six minutes. once this process completed 100% you will see a green sign on your phone’s display it shows that software has been uploaded. this is what the method of uploading softwares on a dead phone. please visit further- how to unlock any files

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