very easy way of learning English (use of can and may)

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a very easy way of learning English

  USE OF CAN use of can is done to show the ability to do something.

for example – I can speak English and write English as well.

 you can write a letter in English.
   you have the ability to show your talents so you can deliver your speech.
       I can make him understand properly.                         
 She can not accept your proposal of love as you are not a good person.        USE OF MAY        
 use of may is done in terms of showing the possibility of something /order of something.                     For example- It may rain today ( here we are not sure that rain can really come )
so we can say the use of may to show the expectation of possibility.
  he may come here at any time.
  may I talk with you for two minutes?
      may I come in?              
STRUCTURE –        sub+can +not+v1+object .
 for example-     He cannot read English,

                              I cannot teach you Hindi,

                              You can not break your friendship,
STRUCTURE – can +sub+v1 +object.
for example-     can you come to meet me today?

can you talk to me in English?
 may I talk with you about how to sort out the problem of lovesickness?
STRUCTURE-      how/what/ where/why + can +subject +v1+ object
for example –      Why can you not go there ?
 how can I come to meet you there?

                            which work you can do in your free time?

                           what can she teach me?

                           where can you make me understand?

NOTE – use of BE (is /am /are )

use of BE in present is done as -is/am /are.

And in past use of BE is done as – was /were.

for example – I am exhausted.

                      he is hungry.

                     they are your friends.
NOTE- use of BE is also used as a model auxiliary verb.

for example- you will be a student at that college.

                       he can be a good student.

                      you should be a great person 
    Dialogue over can and may-
                      (A) Hello B, can you join me to go there?
(B)  where? I may go there first let me know why you want to take me there?
(A) In a party, B listen, I want you to join me because a lot of people including (girls and boys) are coming so you may be able to persuade any person as you always continue talking I never get an opportunity to meet,
(B) ah is it so? then I am sure I can join you,
(A) okay B, we have to get ready on time so that we can join the party timely