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What do you think I can not do anything, I am a worthless person, living on this earth is worthless, you think yourself a cheap in terms of doing something is of no importance, if you are struck by such a thought then it means that you force yourself losing your patience, losing your hopes
One thing you should always keep remember that only patience is that strong and powerful ladder which let you put your step ahead, without patience one cannot achieve something better, patience is that thing which makes you strong internally ,Always try to sustain your patience in every kind of work ,Patience gives you not only strong desire but also give you the power to confess any kind of situation easily ,
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Never lose your patience towards anything, patience makes an infindivid as intellectual, Patience towards any,
So I can definitely say that losing patience cause the reason of being the failure , You know how –because losing patience means losing your desire, and desire makes someone to do perfect, For instance, if you say my desire is to be a doctor, how will you be a doctor? the answer is simple, by working hard, and you just start working hard just because it’is your desire to be a doctor, you have to accomplish your desired things somehow or at any cost, So becoming a successful person need to have both these things, desire, and patience, if you have the desire but you do not have patience, you will never able to achieve, Patience gives your mind and soul a something kind of relentless or relief, no matter you are in a strict situation, All power is within you can do anything and everything only believe in that, You have to realize your internal power of your soul, let use this power as patience,
Nothing is impossible if you regard yourself as a fighter in terms of fighting in any field,
Conclusionalways try to keep a strong desire and patience, Only both these things are enough can make you deserve to achieve anything so, guys, I hope you may like the motivational story  visit another page- challenges in life